Winter Semester 2021/2022

Date Referent Topic
24.11.2021 Thies Niemeier Escalating Sanctions: Extraterritorial Sanctions and Countermeasures
01.12.2021 Michael Möller The Consequences of Childhood and Adolescent Mental Health on Labour Market Outcomes
15.12.2021 Mark Kapteina Public support for the taxation of wealth: a proposal for a survey experiment
12.01.2022 Jule Beck Persisting Effects of Villagization? Exploring the Long-Term Impact of Tanzania‘s Resettlement Program on Resilience to Food Insecurity
12.01.2022 Alina Greiner Social Legacies of Civil War: Defense Practice
26.01.2022 Gerlinde Theunissen Local Inequality and Grievances    
02.02.2022 Regina Anselm From Homo Economicus to Homo Prospectus
09.02.2022 Alessia Invernizzi

The strategic nature of WTO dispute cases