Financing your Doctoral Studies


Selected applicants are funded by positions as research or teaching assistants, which are offered by the academic chairs, the clusters “Collective Behaviour” and “The Politics of Inequality”, and other research projects involved in the Graduate School. Some doctoral students are funded by scholarships or have their own funding.


Please apply for the positions advertised under the following link.


Interested applicants are also encouraged to apply to other institutions for funding. A wide range of public and private foundations, both in Germany and abroad, offer scholarships for doctoral candidates. Below are some useful links to funding possibilities.

  • DAAD- Scholarship database of the German Academic Exchange Service
  • myStipendium - Scholarship database of ItS: Initiative for Transparent Study Support
  • Stiftungssuche - Database of the Federal Association of German Foundations
  • StipendiumPlus - Promoting gifted students in higher education
  • Stipendien-Tipps - List of organisations offering scholarships



There are no tuition fees for doctoral students.

Doctoral students enrolled in the Graduate School pay the following fees each semester:

  • Administrative fee: 70 €
  • Student services fee: 95 €
  • Student body fee: 14 €

Total fees per semester: 179 €.


Cost of Living

Average monthly living costs for a student in Konstanz:

Rent incl. utilities:

352 € *


168 €

Clothing, laundry, personal hygiene:

42 €

Learning materials (books, copies):

20 €

Health and nursing care insurance, medical care, medicine:

115 €

Phone, Internet, broadcasting fees:

31 €

Leisure time, culture and sports:

61 €


789 € *

* Since 2016, costs for rent and utilities in particular have risen significantly nationwide. Unfortunately, however, there are no more recent survey values at this point in time, deriving from a representative survey. According to the timetable of the initiative “one for all – The Student Survey in Germany" of the German National Association for Student Affairs  (DSW), new findings and figures are expected to be available in mid-2022. Therefore, based on our experience here in Constance and the surrounding area, we would like to recommend that you please budget an average of around 100 euros more per month, especially regarding costs for rent and utilities.


Additional Costs per Semester

Re-registration at the University: 179.00 €­­­­­                      

Student semester ticket (Studi-Ticket) of the municipal services in Konstanz:

57.00 €

Additional student semester ticket (Studi-Ticket, upgrade) of the Hegau-Bodensee Transport Association (VHB), if you live outside Konstanz:

58.10 €


294.10 €