Winter Semester 2022/2023
Wednesday, 12:00 - 13:00, G 227a

Further information on the colloquium can be requested from the doctoral representative.




09.11.2022 Johanne Bacheron Childcare expansion, fertility and marriage stability: evidence from French national plans
23.11.2022 Stefan Scholz Cross-cultural differences of protest
07.12.2022 Mark Kapteina Economic recovery from natural disaster: Evidence from satellite data of German regions
14.12.2022 Ann Sopie Lauterbach Identifying discrimination and changing values in the workplace – a mixed methods Kununu data analysis
11.01.2023 Henrike Biehl The Effects of Small Audit Firm Networks on the Audit Market Structure Using a Spatial Competition Model
18.01.2023 Regina Stumpf How to build cathedrals? Shifting short-term decisions to the long-term.
25.01.2023 Adrian Bidlingmaier Who Can Work From Home? Developing and Validating the Mobile Work Potential Score
01.02.2023 Sophia Stutzmann The electoral consequences of the coal phase-out in Germany
08.02.2023 Moath Hussien On Incentives and Inequality