Summer Semester 2022
Wednesday, 12:00 - 13:00, G 227a

Further information on the colloquium can be requested from the doctoral representative.




20.04.2022 Marlene Koch Reputation and Asset Prices: Evidence from Trump Real Estate
27.04.2022 Theresa Wieland Inequality vs. environmental trade-offs
An experimental survey approach towards intra- and intergenerational cleavages in support for climate change mitigation policies
04.05.2022 Thies Niemeier The broken shield. US extraterritorial sanctions and their countermeasures
11.05.2022 Daniela Arlia Routine-biased technological chanfe and the spatial wage inequality in Germany
18.05.2022 David Steinecke The Commission as responsive agenda-setter?
How MEPs shape the EU's agenda through parliamentary questions
25.05.2022 Jieqiong Wu Stakeholder and Successful Cyber Governance:
The case of cyber crisis preparedness
01.06.2022 Aras Canipek Empirical Evidence on Debt Governance
15.06.2022 Juho Alasalmi  Optimal Contracts with (Self-)deceptive Effort reports
22.06.2022 Oliver Schlenker The Effect of Changing Tasks at Work on Health
29.06.2022 Ann Sophie Lauterbach Thriving from Work and Positive Client Experiences
13.07.2022 Annika Schürle Low interest rate periods, housing choice and life cycle wealth accumulation
20.07.2022 Alessia Invernizzi New insights on protectionism, trade disputes and trade wars